Physical Comedy
Video Production


"The techniques used in my workshops have been accumulated over my years of training and experience and are based in movement improvisation, and various training and awareness exercises to get in touch with some of the possibilities that we have available to us as performers both physically and mentally."

"When faced with the rather profound implications, realized or unrealized, of what it means to be a performer, of any discipline, I have found that the best way to approach it is through playing. Using the different exercises as tools that can help the student discover for themselves what performing means for them and how to better unlock their own creativity that lies within."

"In this way it is hard to set a goal, or explain the end product shall we say, for this kind of work. The main reason for this, is that I feel that the essence of the performer is not really taught, but needs to be coaxed out from within. And this process is a personal one that occurs between the students and the teacher at a pace that is always different."

Currently Paul is developing a workshop called “Verso L’inverso” a workshop for dancers that works with inversion, floorwork and the transition between the two. Using an integration of circus skills and Aikido training Paul will collaborate with Sima Belmar a modern dancer and choreographer to head towards the world of upside down.

Workshops can be created to fit your needs. Please contact Paul Del Bene with inquiries.