Physical Comedy
Video Production


Paul has directed as well as created several shows.  He directed and co-wrote “Gregangelo’s Heliosphere Jr. ”, a show aimed at teaching kids about the solar system.  Paul linked together various circus acts with his story about four space travelers who sang, vocal ciphered, danced and rapped their way around our solar system.  The result was a highly entertaining, energetic show that mesmerized kids and parents alike.  It was most recently presented at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Gardens in May of 2005.  In another recent production, “Martha’s Speakeasy”, Paul served as artistic and casting director for a modern variety show.  He pulled together the circus, dance and music numbers by creating transitions for both himself and the other performers. 

Paul has worked with a variety of performers.  He directed classical musicians and an actor in his piece “Tobo Reist um die Welt”, performed in Austria and Germany. Paul worked with the musicians until they were very comfortable acting on the stage as well as playing.  He has directed community actors and singers in “The Fantastiks”.  He has also directed and coached numerous individuals in everything from technical circus numbers to commedia dell’arte. 

Paul’s directing style usually involves collaboration and exploration with the performers.  Workshops , describes some of the techniques employed in the directing process. 

"The theatre (performance), he (Grotowski) believes, cannot be an end in itself; like dancing or music in certain dervish orders, the theatre (performance) is a vehicle, a means for self-study, self-exploration; a possibility of salvation. The actor (performer) has himself as his field of work. This field is richer than that of the painter, richer than that of the musician, because to explore he needs to call on every aspect of himself. His hand, his eye, his ear, and his heart are what he is studying and what he is studying with."

- Peter Brook